Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My boys

This is Eli(green collar) and Ledoux (Dewey)(Yellow Collar)
These little guys are my baby boys LOL

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What, When, Why and Where.

So here I am again almost starting back at the weight I was when i started at LA Boxing and with Sonny. 

I am not comfortable at this time telling you my weight at this time but I will say that I swore I would never be at this weight again and here I am......... A little history on why I am back here.

In August 2009 I was working out like crazy, my personal trainer had just started me on a weight lifting program where we were lifting heavy.  I was bench pressing with NO problem 135 pound. I was squatting on the smith machine 225 pounds and that is where this part of the story really starts. On Aug 8th we were lifting as usual, I had a few things going on with my body that was odd, my joints were hurting really bad, I would have these awful mood swings go from angry to happy all in the same minute. I noticed but did not think much of it that my boobs hurt more then normal PMS type of stuff. So when it came to the squats I did them with no problem until it came to the very last one and my lower left back started hurting pretty bad.  We finished the workout and the rest of the week I did my cardio and continued to lift weights.  Then it hit me that I was "late". I got a pregnancy test on my way home from working out and decided since there was 3 tests in the package that I would go ahead and test right then even tho I was water logged. Low and behold the test automatically showed positive. I was pregnant.  However long story short the pregnancy ended up being ectopic.  I was not allowed to exercise until my HCG #'s hit 0, little did any of us know that would not happen until I had surgery 5 mo later.  So with no exercise and major depression I put all the weight I had lost back on.

Jump forward to now...............We recently moved to Nebraska and for the last 2 months were living in limbo. So I have not put in the work at the gym that I needed to.  I recently joined the Y who has a brand new facility in Grand Island.. I have a new workout routine for both weight training and cardio plus I am taking my dogs on a 2 mile walk around the lake 3 times a week on top of the weights and cardio. I also am following Get Fit Now meal plan where I switch between low fat and low carb week to week.

So there is NO more excuses....There can be no more excuses. I deserve to be fit and healthy and I want to be fit and healthy.   I have my own personal Jillian Michaels (better known as Cheryl) who I am reporting to on a weekly basis via email since she is in Colorado and I am in Nebraska but I know even being a state away she will still tell me like it is!! 

So that is my story and I am sticking to it!!!